Stumbleine – Drifting Youth EP

by Eric on April 14, 2012 · 0 comments

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Stumbleine - Drifting Youth EP

There are some people out there, many people, saying the dance club scene in the UK is dying.  It’s very sad stuff…but truth be told, the lack of club gigs have to be forcing artists to focus on their productions because (literally) every new artist I stumble across lives in England.

A few days ago, I miraculously ended up on the SoundCloud of a guy (or girl?) named Stumbleine.  After listening to one song, then two, then three, then seven, and fifteen more, I was left in a state of (yes cliché) trance.  Before I began writing this post I referred to an online thesaurus for the perfect adjective to describe this person’s music.  After failing, all I kept coming back to was beautiful.  Absolutely beautiful.  This is chillwave at it’s finest. The ambient effects paired with the bone-chilling vocals are deeper than deep.  Along similar lines of Sigur Ros, it’s an emotional evoker that can make you jump for joy or cry your eyes out, all dependent entirely on what state of mind you’re in prior to pressing play – Now that’s powerful stuff.

Of course, it only adds to Stumbleine‘s mysticism when for the first time in years Google failed me.  I couldn’t find any information on this person.  He/she has a Facebook, a SoundCloud, even a Tumblr, but no real source of background info other than being from Britain.

In any case, if you’re in the mood to slow things down for a moment, be inspired, or just have your mind blown – for lack of a better word – be sure to check out Stumbleine’s Drifting Youth EP below. Available for purchase through Bandcamp.

As a huge bonus, also grab Stumbleine‘s earlier EP Rose Tinted here. No purchase necessary, but of course consider donating!  We need to support greatness like this as much as humanly possible.

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