Trance Tuesdays

Trance Tuesdays Volume 14

by Gregg May 31, 2011
Trance Tuesdays Volume 14 Playlist

It’s been a good two weeks since we last had a nice trance playlist for you to lay your ears upon. In this edition of Trance Tuesdays we have a good mixture of all kinds of trance…if that made any sense!? To start this weeks trance playlist off is Above & Beyond’s With Your Hope featuring Richard Bedford, which I can’t seem to playing on repeat! Another one of my favorites on this week’s edition […]

Trance Tuesdays Volume 12

by Gregg May 10, 2011
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Tune your ears into this week’s Trance Tuesdays playlist! Featured in this week’s edition are a few older, older in a sense that they aren’t just released, tracks that you may recognize. Also featured are some new(er) releases such as Ummet Ozcan’s Transcend, George Acosta & Fisher’s True Love, Sneijder’s Onto Tomorrow, and Arty and Mat Zo’s Rebound! So there you have it! Enjoy this uhhmazzing mixture of vocal, uplifting, and progressive trance tracks! Trance […]

Trance Tuesdays Volume 11

by Gregg May 3, 2011
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Get dirty with some uplifting, progressive, vocal, and deep bassline trance. The first two tracks to start this week’s playlist off are my personal favorites. First, we have and older track by Gareth Emery Into The Light featuring Mark Frisch, which is simply amazing. Second, we have Basto!’s remix of Moby’s latest release, The Day. If you haven’t had the chance to listen to the original mix of Moby’s The Day you need to take […]

Trance Tuesdays Volume 9

by Gregg April 19, 2011
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Are you ready? Trance Tuesdays Volume 9 is about to…trance your world! A lot of these tracks were dropped on the latest episodes of A State of Trance and Trance Around the World. However, there are a few amazing tracks I ran across whilst exploring for new music and artists. There are a lot of great tracks on this weeks edition of Trance Tuesdays, but I think Emil Dresden’s Caspian Sea lands the spot as […]

Trance Tuesdays Volume 8

by Gregg April 5, 2011
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Since you’re bored this morning, most likely at work or in class, tune yourself into these tracks! These tracks will help you get into a trance to handle the rest of the day’s tasks. Beautifully blended trance for your ears to pry on the whole day. Trance Tuesdays Volume 8 Playlist Individual Tracks Nuera – Green Cape Sunset (Original Mix Edit) Kenneth Thomas feat. Roberta Harrison & Steven Taetz – Drive (Original Mix) Filo & […]

Trance Tuesdays Volume 7

by Gregg March 29, 2011
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What’s up Beaters! Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about you guys. This week’s edition of Trance Tuesdays was inspired and mainly influenced from ASOT 500 from Miami, Florida! Let me rephrase that, completely influenced. Yes, I was jealous of all of you who were fortunate enough to attend Ultra Music Festival for such an epic event. Featured on this week’s Trance Tuesdays playlist is Armin van Buuren’s Status Excessu D (ASOT 500 Anthem), which we […]

Trance Tuesdays Volume 6

by Gregg March 22, 2011
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Hope everyone had a great time at Beyond Wonderland 2011 and have fully recovered from Saturday night’s debauchery. Madhatter’s Castle was freakin’ stacked!! I’m not sure if it was just me, but I wasn’t really diggin the inside of the Citrus building! I wish Madhatter’s Castle was set up like Queen’s Domain as a huge tent outside. Hope everyone got a chance to see who they were hoping to see! On another note, I apologize […]

Trance Tuesdays Volume 5

by Gregg March 8, 2011
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YES!! Trance Tuesday is finally here. I really enjoy finding the latest and greatest for all of you. As always, if you missed out on last week’s edition you can check out Trance Tuesdays Volume 4…if you want. This week’s edition features a lot of newer releases that will blow your mind away, literally. Enjoy these originals and remixes from veterans and the like. Though, I do like all of the tracks or I wouldn’t […]